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ghd platinum model hair straighteners have caused repairers headaches ever since they were released. So why is there such a big problem with repairing them? For the answer to this question we need to know the difference between the ghd platinum and earlier models. The original ghd hair straighteners were built very much for functionality and a simple technology that was reliable and fairly basic. This basic design and build made it relatively simple to open and change components within the design. The body was screwed into place and the components on the electrical components were largely traditional. 

Yes, not only do we repair ghd's we also sell them is various conditions from new to used from only £34.99. So why not take a look what we currently have in stock. Even if you have your ghd repaired by us it is always handy to have a backup pair or one for a family member or travel or work. All are PAT tested and to make sure they are in good and safe working order and they come with a 6 month warranty and our aftercare. Take a look at our latest stock now by clicking here.




The ghd brand has had plenty of celebrity endorsements over the years, from the entertainment world the likes of Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Katy Perry who became 'the face of ghd' and was involved in the launch of the 'Scarlett Collection' in 2011.


We often get asked ow long the manufacturers warranty is on a ghd hair straightener. We Jemella currently offer a 24 month warranty on the new stylers such as the gold IV and gold series stylers. There is some false information out there that ghd offered a lifetime guarantee with their straighteners, this is not true so be careful before simply returning your product to the manufacturer as they may not be able to repair the older straighteners and we hear they may charge to have them returned to the owner.