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Do ghd repair hair straighteners? We hear this question a lot. So the ghd company is owned by Jemella Ltd. and from what we hear from customers is that the answer that in most cases ghd will replace rather than repair ghds under warranty. The warranty period varies by model so check this before sending them away. We do know from customer feedback that ghd will not repair the older models and would require a postage fee if you want them returned. 

I would contact ghd in advance over the phone or from their site to verify if your ghd is repairable as I am sure it would be a pain to have to pay to get them returned. The good thing about independent ghd repair companies such as our is that you know we repair even the older models of ghd so even the early ghd, 3.1b and original SS model that is not a problem. ghd's do not have a lifetime guarantee which is a commonly misunderstood policy. So the answer is maybe, but not all models especially the older ones out of warranty, so check first or use an independent company such as ours with plenty of cracking feedback.