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We often get asked ow long the manufacturers warranty is on a ghd hair straightener. We Jemella currently offer a 24 month warranty on the new stylers such as the gold IV and gold series stylers. There is some false information out there that ghd offered a lifetime guarantee with their straighteners, this is not true so be careful before simply returning your product to the manufacturer as they may not be able to repair the older straighteners and we hear they may charge to have them returned to the owner.

Most ghd's have a date code and serial number printed opposite the on/off switch on the inside of the arm of the styler above the plates. This will give you an idea how old the ghd is. The serial number can be registered and checked if it is authentic on the manufacturers official website. You should contact ghd directly in the event of an electrical fault during the warranty period if you have kept your proof of purchase. If not then in most cases we should be able to repair your straighteners electrical or non electrical faults.