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The newer platinum ghd models are built with more style in mind. The sleek design has a more futuristic feel and innovative sounding tones when operating, all this is great when the ghd is functioning how it should be. However, we are hearing reports of the platinum model constantly flashing or constantly beeping and no longer working. This is the problem, a more click in place body that once precariously opened has an increased probability of damaging these fixings. The internals are no longer accessible from the hinge area. Once opened the PCB is now a ribbon technology where the components are not repairable. The technology with the new flashing LED and sound tones tunes that activate once powered up all cause the repairer a massive problem. 

So is a remedy any nearer? We are not aware of any other ghd repair company offering an electrical repair on a platinum model ghd at present but we do now offer this service.