Which models can be repaired?


Which models can be fixed?

We can fix all faults on the following ghd models; ghd3, 3.1b, 4.0b, 4.1b, 4.2b, 4.2p, 5.0, SS, SS2, SS4.0, SS5.0, MS, MS4.0, MS5.0. ghd Platinum S8T261. Including limited editions and colours of these stylers.

And the following Cloud Nine models; M1.0, M1.1, M1.2, L1.0, L1.1, L1.2, T1.0

We are able to fix some faults on models Gold S7N261 and Gold Max S7N421. You can send them to us on a no fix no fee basis, once inspected by our technician we will be in touch. When sending them to us please include a covering note with your contact details. The fee for this model is £39.99.

Can the ghd Platinum (model S8T261) be fixed?

We are proud to now offer a ghd Platinum Repair service. We, Ion Originals Ltd, now have ionco® parts to fix the common ‘red ring of death’ fault on this model! We can also replace cables and damaged casings (additional fee applies for body replacements). 

Which models can NOT be fixed?

Unfortunately we cannot repair the following ghd products; Eclipse 6.0, Platinum+ S8T262, Original S4C242, Hot Brushes, Curlers or Hairdryers. We cannot repair fake ghd models as these are very dangerous and the genuine parts are not compatible.

If your model is not listed please contact us